Wayism International

Inspiring Life Philosophy and Scholarship in Divinity Studies and Metaphysics

Supporting Writers

We created WAYIST PUBLISHING to support writers. We need the help of editors and book designers, translators, online marketers.

Spiritual Energy Studies and Clinics

We created SPIRITUAL ENERGY HEALING CLINICS as training facilities in India and Cambodia. Wayist Spiritual Energy Center in Cambodia is famous for its astounding results. We need more healers in the world, thousands more…consider if this is your calling.

Inspiring Healers

We created PRAJNAPARAMITA SCHOOL OF DIVINITY AND METAPHYSICS to teach degrees in divinity and spiritual healing. We need the help of online course moderators and creators, video editors and blog editors and presenters.

Compassionate Spirituality Worldwide

Wayism is personal life philosophy that clarifies the teachings of Lao Tzi, Jesus, Gautama Buddha, the Bhagavad Gita and general Hinduism. As people discover the inherent teaching of TOLERANCE AND COMPASSION at the core of their religious traditions, the world becomes a better place for all.

”The spiritual tribe to which we belong are the lovers of the cosmos; to care and provide appropriate help is ingrained in our nature.”

WAWO is federally incorporated in Canada as a not-for-profit corporation with religious principles and educational goals to train and equip clergy, healers, teachers and members trans-nationally and across diverse spiritual traditions for their quest in the purpose of life–uplifting communities, healing individuals, enlightening spiritual traditions.

The organization was created in 1997 at the international AGM in New Delhi, India, for the main purpose to fund and maintain an international body of scholars to forward and maintain pure Wayist teachings.

WAWO helps to publish books, courses and other material that forward pure Wayism. Associates make use of our growing database and online libraries of materials for use in their ministries.

”There is no mission more divine than to help people make better sense of their spiritual tradition of choice. Life as a Wayist Buddhist, Hindu Wayist or Wayist follower of Jesus or Lao Tzu is filled with joy and purpose.”

WAWO International’s Board consists of elected officers from Canada, USA, Europe and South East Asia. Funding for WAWO operations come from private donors.

Wayism as a life philosophy has maintained a relationship with Lotus Family members the world over for more than 1,500 years.

WAWO fascilitates monastic (satsang) and general public retreats, training centres in Canada and Cambodia to provide seminary training, ordination and teacher training.

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