Teacher +Yajn as Chairperson and Senior +Teacher

When Teacher +Yusa passed over in 2003, he designated Teacher +Yajn to take the lead of Senior Council. Teacher +Yajn was designated to lead Senior Council in 2003 by vote, based on Teacher +Yusa’s wishes. The position however remained vacant for sixteen years more as Teacher +Yajn declined the appointment. But things have changed.

During the AGM of 2017, Teacher +Yajn announced that he will take up the position as the “public face” of Wayism International in 2020.

We met with Teacher +Yajn at his offices in Canada during September 2018 to talk about what motivated him to finally take the step.

Teacher +Yajn in Kathmandu

Q: Teacher Yajn, academically speaking, you are known to be the most most highly qualified teacher in Wayism, internationally. You have several degrees in religious studies and you earned the highest degrees in Divinity that our school offers, you are in fact a Doctor of Divinity. What were the reasons for declining the senior position on Council for more than a decade?

A: It was not a one-time thing, that decision. And it was also not just a handful of reasons why. I had to remake that decision perhaps twenty times and restate my position on it over many years. For a student to not follow through on his Teacher’s wishes is a weight and burden that is very hard to carry. I did that carrying for all those years. Now it will be over in 2020. I am now qualified to do perform that task but am still very junior.

Q: Teacher. You say that you are junior but you wrote several books on Wayism, you also edited the Eastern Bible in English and co-authored Wayism: The Primary Text. Also, you wrote thousands of pages course materials in Pneumatherapy and many, many more feats. Why do you say that only now you are qualified?

A: This task is one of fielding a multinational campaign with very little money and a leadership team who never had the opportunities to embrace and learn the intricacies of the Internet, digital publications and communications. Our leadership team was trapped in monasteries from Kashgar to Coimbatore, in jungle and mountain villages. It took more than a decade to get one book published because that is what it takes to consult all the older teachers across several spiritual traditions. In understood Teacher +Yusa’s instructions as that, to first harvest the wisdom, and then to find sponsors and then to lead the team.

Q: Are you confidant that sponsors will be forthcoming, now that you have harvested the ancient wisdoms and are making it available?

A: I am confidant. Based on my experience working for the cause almost all of my life, sometimes with not enough money for food. Then money comes enough to start a shelter for homeless women and orphan babies. Heaven is always working on the souls of people who want to help and some of them cannot help with their hands and minds but with their financial means. Money is not the only thing we need. We need hearts. You cannot buy that even with millions in the bank, you cannot buy the labour of love. I know the angels and spiritual beings personally, I have been employed by them for decades. I have had many, many arguments with them about budgets and business plans. They see the world quite differently. I know in my heart that right now as we speak they are working on someone in the most unlikely place in the USA to show her very sensitive soul what she needs to do to not perish and to honour the legacy of her ancestors. I also know of someone in China, a person in Canada and others in the Americas who are being saved by the same angels. It will all work out as it must for everyone concerned.

Q: Teacher, have you met these people?

A: I don’t know whether I did meet them or not. My knowledge of this comes from the metaphysical plane. I have a knowing, but I don’t care much about details as that will come when its time is right.

Q: Teacher. Why 2020 and not 2018 or 2019?

A: Well. One must know what happened in 2012, metaphysically that is. It was a new era that started. Four years after 2016, if you look back you will see the signs, it was the first foundation laid. Four years after that, 2020, the whole foundation is built and it is time then to raise the new era up. You must also know when the ancients projected the year 2012 will be the swing point in spirituality, they were working from the previous calendar, the Gregorian calendar now in use came much later. According to the old calendar still in use in Ethiopia, which is 6 later, because that was the supposed birth date of Teacher Jesus, the year 2012 starts in March of 2020. What will happen from 2020 onward, on the spiritual energy development level of humankind will be like an explosion and the most sensitive, the most adept at this craft, will be challenged with ever increasing higher awareness and millions of people will awaken. Nobody is prepared for this, it will be bigger than anything we have lived through in recent times. I think our task is one of emergency care. We need to prepare thousands of healers, teachers and guides to save millions of souls in the next twenty years, and it will take all of us getting together to do our dharma.

Q: Teacher Yajn, we all look forward to your leadership and I for one, and many others sit poised to follow your lead. may God be with you and all of us.

A: Thank you. We will all flow well and I know it will be great fun and a whole bunch of joy will be had to share with everyone.