WAWO is a federally incorporated not-for-profit corporation in Canada, registered as a religious organization with educational and training goals.

The organization was created in 1997 at the international AGM in New Delhi, India, for the main purposes to fund and train an international body of English-language scholars who forward and maintain pure and ancient Wayist teachings, to ordain and train monks, healers and clergy.

WAWO helps to publish books, courses and other material that explain ancient Wayism in western languages. Associates make use of our growing database of materials for use in their ministries.

WAWO International’s Board consists of elected officers from Canada, USA, Europe and South East Asia. Funding for WAWO operations come from membership fees and private donors.

Wayism has a long history (more than 2,000 years) of relationship with Lotus Family groups the world over. WAWO manages monastic (satsang) and general public training centres online, also in China, Canada and Cambodia to provide seminary training, ordination and teacher training.

WAWO funds and assists IAP (International Association of Pneumapathy) to research pneumatherapy and train pneumatherapists in western languages.

WAWO funds and assists Prajnaparamita School and Seminary to train clergy, healers and helpers.

WAWO makes possible several local and physical devotional congregations and is working toward making online devotional and spiritual support services available to members and the general public. To this effect, we have ordained monks in SE Asia, Western Europe, Canada and the USA who assist in providing devotional and spiritual helping services.


Wayism is the spiritual tradition that understands the Universal Energy that flows from Source, to hold all potential for life and all natural and metaphysical laws that maintains us and nurtures our soul development to become spiritual beings–we call that energy The Way. The Way has been so described in ancient human settlements as far back as 10,000 years ago (symbolised by the symbol “T”), it forms the basis of the term Dao, of Daoism, as the symbol for heaven, the symbol “T”. We understand that Socrates, Plotinus, Bhagavad Gita, Gautama Buddha, Teacher Jesus and Bodhidharma among other taught this tradition and it influenced perhaps every religious movement.