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China – White Lotus

A blog post by this name may not seem like news. The many different Lotus Family groups in China has a long history (1200 year history), and much of it is shrouded in disinformation, sexual “scandal” and romance, causing the families to go underground again, perhaps for the seventh time in history. See Wikipedia for a fairish article about these early Wayists.

However, the Lotus Families of China are still under the radar and are still doing amazing things to help their communities. Still, hospitals are built, roads repaired, schools are funded and children bought out of slavery…there’s no end to the heartfelt stories from the Asian heroes of benevolence.

Lotus Flower season in China

So, why now a newsflash about underground under radar lotus families? Because there are now a few in Southern China who surfaced in public face and they have a new face, a more “tolerable” face. The new groups will not engage in acts of public compassion, or bridge building or community caring, because those were the things that usually got them into trouble. The new groups will worship and will only worship Guanyin. Yes, almost like a normal Buddhist sect they will simply meet for prayer and worship. Now we do know that is never good enough to make the Wayist heart feel warm, we simply cannot stop ourselves healing and helping (in appropriate ways). However, our families in China assure us that the public facing groups of White Lotus Families will have a public face of worship only, and what they do when the lights go out will remain unknown as it should be.

The other problem that haunted Chinese families was the matter of sacred sensuality and the importance placed on healthy sexual relations and less sexual taboos. Our friends in China assure us that they are definitely not about to irritate anyone about this and they intend to behave as expected in Chinese society.

We are very happy to hear this news. The latest tally from June 2018 is forty two (42) public facing groups registered with the Beijing Wayist Office.

Writer: Yijing