Wayist Membership

To become a Wayist, is an internal conviction that comes from your heart. It is a private, soul growth and spiritual enlightenment walk. If you are a Wayist and you want to register your membership with us, we will be happy to send you a membership certificate and sign you up for all the free benefits of general worldwide membership.


Associate your local Wayist Group or centre to receive international recognition, leadership training and associate benefits.

Association fees depend on the country. For example, the five-year fee for Cambodian chapters is $100 USD. Canadian chapters five year fee is $3,000. Contact us to discuss.


The below outlines shows only four levels of Lotus Family Membership. This ancient institution has many levels of symbiotic beneficence. Anonymity can be guaranteed when required, we are however very eager to set in motion the wheels of the international awareness and recognition of senior-level patronage.

Benefits of membership in Lotus Family are not insignificant. However, very little about this is discussed in public.

Lotus Flower Level – on request

Seedpod Level – Monthly $10,000 or Annually $100,000.

Lotus Leaf Level – Monthly $1,000 or Annually $10,000 or one-time funding $50,000

Lotus Stalk Level – Monthly $100 or Annually $1,000or one-time funding of $5,000.

Lotus Pond Member – Commit to a lifestyle of chrestotes, living goodness and kindness proving appropriate help to the community. Optionally volunteer online.

Contact the Chairperson of the Board of Directors for personal guidance and assistance: jean AT wayism.org