AGM Kathmandu

During 2017/2018 our AGM was in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The next physical meeting of elders over an AGM is planned for November/December 2020 in Varanasi, India.

Contact the Chairperson of the Board for details and arrangements to meet for the spiritual retreat and workshops the week before the meeting.

2017/2018 Nepal, AGM Wayist Elders

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This was a most beneficial meeting and blessed time for all of us who were alive at the time. We saw dreams come true and wishes fulfilled. Teacher +Yajn took the promise to take the lead and all the hearts in presence were filled with joy. It was a honour too for us to be there to bid our brother farewell and promise to get things ready for us who will follow soon to the other side. Most of us are too old to look forward to the next AGM and our prayers are for young members to ascend to the Board to fill our seats before two years pass. I will attend in 200 in Benares if my family will allow me to float Ma Ganga to our Home to wait for them there:-))
Your in the eternal Spirit, always together, +Pradheep

+Pradheep sir,
I have been asking permission to float up the River of Holiness for many years to go Home . This time, sir, I will join you…or we can stay a while longer to finish this job, we came here for. I do hope you feel up to it for the next meeting. Your input is always invaluable.

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